Tuesday, October 20, 2009

TWD: Sweet Potato (Pumpkin) Biscuits

It seems like I'm making lots of substitutions lately.  I had actually fully intended to use sweet potatoes in this recipe; I was even excited about it because all I've seen here are purple sweet potatoes. How cool would it have been to have some purple biscuits! But alas, it was not meant to be. I went to the store twice to get some sweet potatoes. The first time the produce section was not open. The second time there were no sweet potatoes. So I grabbed what I hoped to be a pumpkin (it was green, kinda like a watermelon) and decided to switch it up. I was pleasantly surprised not only when I found out it was indeed a pumpkin (or at least a squash with orange flesh) but also when I looked at the Tuesdays with Dorie site and found suggestions on making a pumpkin version.

So this week's TWD was chosen by Erin of Prudence Pennywise, and you can check out her site for the recipe. And don't forget to check out the other bakers of TWD.

I decided to make these for the weekly bible study that I'm in along with a few others from work. It's a pretty informal affair, but we get together to study the bible, have some fellowship, and, of course, eat some food.

These biscuits didn't quite rise as far as I wanted them to, even though I was trying to be really careful about over mixing. I think my down fall was the oven temperature. I had to throw these in the oven at the last minute (the bible study was coming over to our villa that night and the others were already there), so the oven didn't have enough time to properly heat up. I still have a few left in the freezer, so I'm going to bake those up right and see if I don't get a better rise out of them.

The flavor was really great. It was just a little bit sweet and the texture was soft and flaky. And you can't beat that color. Anything orange this time of year automatically is good. I really wished that I had some nutmeg though because I think that would have been amazing in these; it really would have brought out the flavor of the pumpkin (or sweet potato).

I think I'll definitely be making these again. They were really quick to mix up and bake, so when I'm feeling a hankering for breakfast for dinner, I've got my recipe.


Kurt N. said...

No pictures of the funky weird pumpkin-thing?

Amber Marie said...

Lovely color! Glad the pumpkin was a pumpkin, though the idea of purple biscuits is fun. I'm going to look for those next time.

Kayte said...

They look really good to me...I was trying to get mine to rise like that, but no such luck. Yours look wonderful.

Rachel said...

Now you have to make something with the purple sweet potato. =)

Anonymous said...

Mine didn't rise as much as I hoped either. It sure would be fun to see the purple version of these biscuits!

Melissa said...

I've had blue potatoes, but never saw purple sweet potatoes before. I remember buying purple ketchup once, and while it tasted great it looked so gross I had throw it out. Probably a lot prettier as a biscuit, though.

I tried the pumpkin, too, but I didn't do it right. I had chewy little flatbreads, I'm afraid. Made good McMuffins, though!

TeaLady said...

OOOO!!!! pumpkin biscuits!!

Mine didn't rise much either, seems to be a problem for many.

But they look great

Pamela said...

Another one here with biscuits that didn't rise much. They were tasty, though. Nice job.

Jeannette said...

mine didn't rise. at. all. so yours look great to me!!