Wednesday, September 16, 2009

TWD: Flaky Apple Turnovers

So I'm a little late with this week's Tuesday's with Dorie. But I blame it on being in another country. This recipe was chosen by Julie of Someone's in the Kitchen. Be sure to check out her blog for the recipe, because these are delicious!

This was actually my second baking adventure in Libya. My first was some chocolate chip cookies that I will post about soon. The most difficult thing about baking right now is that all my baking supplies have not arrived yet. We sent them by DHL, and they were slow to get them out. So, I had to make due with what I had, which meant I had to measure everything out in one liquid measuring cup. If I keep this up, I might have an idea for a cookbook.
But back to the turnovers.
These were flaky and delicious, and just the reminder of home that everyone needed. My housemates were pretty pleased that I had made them. I think we'll have no problem finishing them off. I think they turned out quite nice, and one good thing about being in Libya is that the sugar is basically sanding sugar, so it's really good for decorating, maybe not so good for even distribution and texture while baking, but it looks like I really tried to get sanding sugar when really it was just the sugar I had.
I used cream cheese in the dough instead of sour cream because that was one of the few items I had bought at the store the other day. Going to the store can be a bit of a hassle right now because we have to request a driver, drive there, get there and not be able to read most of the packaging, then try to find out where our driver parked, then finally come back home to an overstuffed refrigerator. Fun stuff. But I'm willing to do it for some time baking. I thrive on it, so I'm gonna do it no matter what. And my housemates have been really great. They have offered to get some ingredients from Malta that I have not been able to find here. So sweet.
So even with my substitutions and my lack of real accuracy with my measurements, this came together quite easily. The hardest part was waiting for it to chill. I'm not a very patient person, so having to wait was a killer. Especially when I wanted to have it right then. But it was worth the few hours wait.
So try these. And be sure to buy some vanilla ice cream. These would be even better if I had some ice cream to go with it. But when my DHL boxes get here, I'm totally there.