Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TWD: Chocolate Souffle

Today I am actually on a plane to Libya, but this is what I did before I left. Enjoy!

This was my first time making a sweet souffle, so I was really excited when it came up in the TWD rotation. Check out Susan's blog She's Becoming DoughMessTic to get the recipe. I was excited because they always look so nice, and I've always wanted to try them. So try them I did.

But...there's a problem. The recipe was for one big souffle, but I really did not want to do that because my husband and I just can't eat that much in one sitting, and the idea of reheating sunken souffle was not really appealing to me. So I wanted to do individual souffles. The only problem is, I don't have ramekins. I've always wanted to get some, but I never have. So, I needed to get some.

I'm doing a lot of baking trying to get ready to leave, so I wanted to make this but again needed ramekins. I didn't have time to drive somewhere to get them, so I walked to the Asian market that is just down the street from my apartment. There I found a cute tea set that was the right price, and I just prayed that it would be oven safe. Thankfully, my prayers were answered, and I got nice little souffles.

I thought I would be super impressed with these little cakes, but I really wasn't. The cake was just "okay" to me and I wanted it to be out of this world. It just needed to be more decadent to me. And I really wished I had halved the recipe because my husband and I are still working on it.

But now I know, and I've conquered the sweet souffle. Now let's see if I can conquer life in Libya. :)


Romaine said...

I like those cups a lot. Your souffle appears to have turned out great.

Teanna said...

I'm sorry you weren't crazy about it, but I am in LOVE with that cup! Gorgeous!

Pamela said...

That is a great little cup! I hope you're enjoying yourself. The souffle looks great, but I'm sorry it wasn't a knockout for you.

Kurt N. said...

Sort of reminds me of my microwave cake-in-a-cup recipe. ;)