Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bon-Bonning Finds

While I was visiting my parents in Maryland, I got to do my favorite activity with my mom: going bon-bonning. Now this is probably a new term to most of you, but I've grown up with it all my life. It just means that we got to go to thrift stores and try to find some good bargains.

My mother has some kind of bon-bon radar because no matter where we are, where we live or where we visit, she seems to know exactly where the bon-bon shops are. It is incredible. I wish she could come to every place I have lived so that she can show me where the treasure shops are.

Anyways, on this trip, we visited the book bon-bon. It's a part of the library in Olney (where my mom lives), and they sell used books and magazines.

I found these cooking magazines on their shelves. And do you know how much they were? 10 cents a piece! And if you bought 15, which of course I did, you only paid a dollar. Amazing! And these weren't magazines from the dark ages, these were only a few months to a year old. But even if they were older, old recipes rock the house, so any way you look at it, it's a winner.

I have plans to cut out the recipes and paste them in a book, organizing them some way, and then I'm going to get to cooking. There are some great recipes in there that I am super anxious to try. And I always love a craft thing to spend my time on.

I have already decided that I want my mom to get some more of these for me and send them to me here in Libya. How awesome would that be?

So, Mom, what'daya say?