Friday, August 21, 2009

Peach and Blueberry Galette (or My Battles with Fruit Decay)

So, I have a nasty habit. I buy fruit on sale without any idea what I'm going to use it for. My most common culprits are soft fruits of any kind like stone fruits and berries. And I don't just buy a small amount. It's a sale! I've got to take advantage of it, right?

Add to that, there are only two people in my household. Two people. So it's a race between me, my oven, our stomachs, and our furry friend, I mean fiend, mold. Well, all that being said, we throw a lot of fruit away.

Well, it was getting around that time when old fruit decay was creeping up on our fruit, so I had to act fast. I searched around, and found this recipe, and thought it would be a great candidate for the peaches and blueberries I had on my counter and in my fridge.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite move fast enough, so our fruit had started to go. But thankfully, after a mad dash away from the fruit after I saw the fiend, Jacob salvaged enough for this galette.

I've made a galette one time before, and I had the same trouble that I had this time.
  1. I didn't center the fruit well enough so I ended up with one doofus edge.
  2. The butter content of the crust causes it to melt in the oven.
I want to know how to make a pretty galette. How do I make sure I won't end up uneven? How do I not leak butter every time I try? Teach me! :)

I liked this crust pretty well, but I think it needed to be sweetened up a bit. The galette ended up tasting very fresh tasting (as in just tasting like the fruit) but it wasn't the dessert taste I was looking for. I might try to tweak it sometime to see if I can get that dessert feel I wanted.

Still, I was happy to have come out on top this round, but I guess I should mention, right before this, I threw away strawberries an raspberries.
Christina:1 Mold: 2


Bungalow Barbara said...

I love galettes too, they are so easy! Here are my suggestions: 1) don't worry, they're supposed to look rustic and 2) I always get some butter oozing out of the crust too. As long as you like the final result, why worry? These are all about taste!

Christina and Jacob said...

Thanks for the suggestions. It's nice to know I'm not the only one with those results. And you're right, it's about the taste. Thanks for the encouragement.