Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We've picked a place

So, after several months of searching, one trip to LA, and many swoonings later, we have finally decided on a place to live in Los Angeles. We have chosen the Artisan on Second, and I absolutely love it!

It's a spacious two bedroom apartment in downtown LA. It has granite countertops, a bonus room, washer and dryer included, a security system, and a doorbell! It's great. I can't wait to move in. And we get to pick two walls to be painted. I'm so looking forward to having some color on the walls.

So here's the layout of our apartment to be. Courtesy of www.artisanonsecond.com

The only tricky part will be figuring out how the living/dining room is going to work out. One thing is for sure: we are going to have to get some more furniture. Yay! Shopping! Jacob promised!

So here's my wishlist/needlist:
- Desk for bonus room
- Bookcases for bonus room (I want it to be a study/computer/reading room)
- Comfy rolling chair for bonus room
- Twin bed or Full sized bed for guest room
- Two arm chairs for the living room
- Two more dining room tables
- Two bedside tables for the master
- One bedside table for the guest room
- Table and chair set for patio
- Two bar height chairs for bar
- Curtains and curtain rods
- And probably much more...but that's all I can think of for now.

I think it will be a lot of fun, and I'm honestly looking forward to it.

Also, I got a bit of good news, or possibly good news. I've been putting out my resume to all different types of places ever since this move was deemed official, and I've a got a bite on one. I got an email asking for a phone interview, so I'm hoping that goes well. We'll see and pray.

So that's about it for now. I'll keep you posted. :)


Aglari said...

Wow, pretty fancy music on that website there.


I originally meant it as a joke but now I'm bobbing my head here.

Anyways, did you visit this place when you went? Any picture action?

Christina Reif said...

Jacob and I were really bad about taking pictures, so we did take pictures when we went, but the inside is really as cool as the website makes it seem. We're going to be a hip couple when we move.