Friday, April 3, 2009

Blog: Take Two

I've finally decided to give the whole blog phenomenon another chance. I started a blog in college, and it just completely fell flat. I never updated it; I never did anything with it; really, I didn't give it the dog obedience school try. But now I am.

So let's get started.

My life just got a little crazier as of yet. My husband just got transferred from his job as an engineer in a small start-up company in Magnolia, TX to a international company where he will be working in Los Angeles. Los Angeles! I know! It's a big difference. We will be over there after I finish out my school year, in June.

There are a lot of things that are going to change, most importantly, where we are going to live. Jacob and I went out to LA over my spring break, and that was the first time I had ever been to California. However, I'm not sure I got to have to true experience of southern California because I was frantically visiting apartment after apartment after apartment. I visited (but not always went into) 30 different apartment/rental homes. It was quite an experience. And quite stressful. I would love to say in all of that we know where we are going to be, but, alas, no. We do have it narrowed down to 4 choices, though. We have to wait until we get closer to moving time to know for sure.

And to top that all off, Jacob just talked to some people today that might want him in Libya for a year or so. That would be a crazy move, but before you make a judgement, there actually are a lot of perks. We would both be employed by Jacob's company (so I wouldn't have to find a job); we would have housing paid for; we would get spending money in addition to our salary; our salaries wouldn't be taxed; and we would be blocks from the Mediterraean Sea! I would finally get to visit some of the places I've only dreamed of seeing. That would be amazing. But I would be completely separated from my family and friends. Maybe that's what really spurred the creation of this blog in the first place.

So as it stands, my life is all up in the air, and I'm just trying to to make it day by day. But I'll keep you posted when plans get a little more solidified.

Oh, and I guess I should bake something and post it since that was what I had orginally planned. Everyone loves a little eye candy when it's literally candy (or cake!).