Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TWD: Toasted-Coconut Custard Tart

Now doesn't that title just sound good. Now take a look. Yeah, you wish you had this tart.

I have to admit, at one time, I was not a fan of coconut. Why, I couldn't tell you because now I simply love the smell (and taste) of lightly toasted coconut. It rocks the house. And when you pair it with cool creamy custard, you really can't go wrong.

This week's Tuesday with Dorie was chosen by Beryl of Cinemon Girl. Be sure to check out her site for this great recipe.

Now back to the tart. It has a layer of sweet tart dough. It has a layer of toasted coconut-infused custard. And a layer of whipped cream. Top that off with some more toasted coconut, and you've got one mean (but delicious) tart.

The look and the smell definitely remind you of warm summer days which (sorry to rub it in to those of you in the north) is what I've been experiencing the past few days. We've actually got heat reaching the mid to upper 90s, so it was definitely time to bring out a treat to usher in the summer.

Well, all this talking makes me want to get to eating, but be sure to check out how the other TWDers did on their tarts.


Beryl said...

So glad you found a love for coconut. Your tart looks awesome.
Thanks for baking with me!

Nicole said...

I thought this was so good! I love the smell of toasted coconut, too.

Jencrafted said...

Your tart looks delicious. Just the perfect accompaniment to the warm weather you're experiencing now - you don't have to wait till summer!!

soulsearcher said...

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